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An exciting opportunity is available for an innovative VIT-registered educator to deliver an engaging LOTE curriculum (in your specialist language) at both Koonwarra Village School and Phillip Island Village School.  


The 0.4 FTE position is available for commencement as soon as possible and the role has the potential to expand to other learning areas for the right candidate.  There is flexibility about the days of the week and how that will be scheduled at each school.


We are very happy for interested educators to visit either or both schools before applying.  If you would like to arrange a visit or have any questions, please contact Fiona McKenzie during business hours on 0409 172 812.


To apply, please review the Position Description and send a covering letter and your CV to so we can get to know more about you and the skills you would bring to our schools.  


Applications close by 03 APRIL 2018.  


Koonwarra Village School hosted the Australasian Democratic Education Community (ADEC) Conference in September 2016. We have included a selection of presentations and handouts below.  KVS contract examples and Pathways can be found here and Effective Learner Posters here.  ADEC president Cecelia Bradley shared her report about the conference.   For further information about ADEC, please see their website.


Resources: Executive Skills & Mindset Presentation, Kitchen Garden Curriculum, Herd & Pack Presentation


At the end of each cycle we update our community with the activities and key areas of focus for the previous cycle.  We hope you enjoy reading about life at KVS:

What Others Are Saying

We have been fortunate to host some guests from inter-state and overseas recently and we have included what they have written about KVS or our sister school Phillip Island Village School:


ALEXIS HOLZMAN received a grant from the Plastino Scholar Program at the University of Delaware, where she is studying, to travel to Australia and spend three weeks at KVS to look at our approach to education. Alexis shared her experience on her blog.


Education explorers TOM AND BEX spent an afternoon at PIVS in April 2016 and posted their reflections on their blog.  Their blog covers their journey visiting alternative schools around Australia and overseas to help them decide the type of school they would like to start.  The blog is a rare glimpse into how ‘alternative’ can have as many differences as it does similarities.


ALYS MENDUS is a PhD student studying at the University of Hull in the UK. She visited nine alternative education settings while in Australia to conduct research for her thesis into self-actualisation through schooling. She spent the day at KVS in March 2016 and shared her observations in the following article.




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