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An Overview


The Koonwarra Village School (KVS) Bush Playgroup is held each Friday morning from 9.00am -10.30am at Nirvana Park, Bacon Avenue, Koonwarra, followed by morning tea at KVS.  Bush Playgroup runs the same weeks as the KVS school terms. We run on a slightly different calendar to other schools with six-week cycles (five weeks of school, one-week break), so it would be best to check that we’re not on cycle break before you come for the first time.  The school calendar can be found on the website, and this is our 2020 calendar.


Our playgroup is based on the Bush Kinder idea of being out in nature - come rain, hail or shine. There is a small rotunda at the park if we need shelter, but otherwise we ask that everyone dresses for the weather and brings a sense of adventure.


The intention of our playgroup is to provide an opportunity for families to meet other families in the school community and to learn about our approach to education and observe it over time. Most of the people who come to the group have children attending KVS or have completed an expression of interest for enrolment for their playgroup child in future years, but it is not necessary to have done this before you come. To assist with building the connection between the playgroup children and the school environment, the playgroup walks to school to join the children and teachers for morning tea between 10.30-11.00 am.


The cost is $5 per family which we collect at the beginning of playgroup.  We provide morning tea at school and ask that you let us know of any food allergies.  Please bring a piece of fruit to share and a water bottle to Nirvana Park. Parents/carers are responsible for the supervision and safety of their children whilst at playgroup and visiting the school for morning tea.


A Little More


You may find the following reading helpful to understand how we go about things at KVS. All schooling, but in-particular, the KVS approach, relies a lot on executive skills, so if you've got children coming to KVS it would be good to know what they're about.


  • Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children from Infancy to Adolescence.
  • Our website pages About KVS and Teaching and Learning and Enrolment cover a lot about how we go about things at KVS.
  • The School Readiness flyer - links really nicely with the things that we think are important before a child starts school, particularly social and emotional readiness.
  • There is also a great blog page about Outdoor Kindergarten Programs in Melbourne (which is the concept that our Bush Play group is based on) for those of you who like to delve a little deeper.
  • Lastly, did you know that there is a KVS Bush Playgroup Facebook page? It is a great way to connect with other playgroup families and for last minute updates.  We will arrange to sign you up to this private page at your first playgroup.


Please contact the school on 5664 2477 if you would like to make some last-minute checks or need directions when you first arrive. For other questions, you are welcome to email: playgroup@koonwarravillageschool.org. We look forward to seeing you there one Friday soon.




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