Koonwarra Village School (KVS) opened in 2012.   The school is an independent primary school offering enrolment for children in Foundation to Grade 6.


Founded from a shared vision of Fiona McKenzie, Sarah Maclean and Hadassah Wanstall, KVS aims to provide a human-scale, democratic school life that inspires a life-long love of learning for students and staff alike.


Our philosophy and guiding principles inform how we go about our teaching and learning:

KVS receives government funding, like other Australian independent schools, in addition to tuition fees from parents.  The maximum number of students to be enrolled at KVS is sixty-five.

Our Staff

We have five classroom teachers;


  • Sarah Maclean works in Triskelion with children in the Grade 2-6 group.


  • Sandra Mayne works in the Sun Room with children in Foundation-Grade 1.


  • Daniel Rosen is a specialist teacher, working across the school in PE, Humanities and ICT.


  • Marni Speed holds the role of specialist teacher, working across the school in Science and Nature Journaling.


  • Brad Kijlstra-Shone is a specialist teacher focused across the whole school on Kitchen Garden.


Dinah Brownfield teaches Reading, Handwriting and Art in the Sun Room and works in a range of other support roles across the school.  Fiona McKenzie is the School Coordinator and is responsible for administration activities and facilities and is assisted by Philippa Lloyd, Kylie Box, Belinda Boase, Shannon Letcher and Sarah Forrest.


Our teachers are known as Mentors as it reflects the role they perform and the approach we have to teaching and learning at KVS.  Relationships are integral to the learning journey and students have the opportunity to work with a number of Mentors during the week as this allows the children to connect with a range of adults in different ways and form a wide variety of relationships.  The Triskel students have also been able to select a Personal Mentor; a mentor who the students feel comfortable communicating with about any aspect of their school life.  The Personal Mentor is  the Mentor that predominantly helps the student manage their learning strategies, sets goals to develop their executive skills and supports them in any social ‘bumps’.

Our Board

The KVS Board is guided by a Board Governance Charter and informed by the KVS Constitution.  The Board’s main function is to provide guidance for the successful operation of the school via the Schools’ Strategic Plan, budgets and policies.


Our current Board members are: Fiona McKenzie (founding member and board secretary); Alyson Skinner (chair), Moragh Mackay, George Dimitropoulos, Rebecca Cooke & Rachel Carruthers. The Board currently meets eight times each year.


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